Fashion Rules to Break Now

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There are so many fashion rules that have been passed down through the ages and I have tried my best to adhere to these rules. However, I also know that fashion is fun and rules were meant to be broken; it seems that the fashion powers that be are of the same mind and have now decided to relax on some of their fashion rules.

I couldn’t be happier now that some of these rules are deemed okay to break. I have always felt like some of the rules they put in place didn’t make sense. If you are like me and you think it is about time to break some rules, below are some that you can break without worrying that the fashion police will come after you.

fashion rules to break

  • No white after Labor Day –This is one rule that has been hammered into our brains time and time again; even my own mother has told me about this rule but I think it is about time that we break this rule. I love the color white since it looks so crisp, fresh, and clean – I would wear it all year-long if not for that silly rule. I have been seeing more and more white outfits on the runway and store shelves which mean that this rule is slowly but surely being disregarded.

fashion rules to break

  • The bag must always match the shoes – I am all for fashion freedom. If you want to wear red shoes and use a red bag then by all means do so. This doesn’t mean though that you cannot wear red shoes and a black bag; mixing and matching accessories is a great way to add spice and elevate a look.

fashion rules to break

  • No mixing of prints – There was a time when wearing a hodge-podge of prints was a no-no but ever since Tyler Durden from Fight Club wore florals and stripes, the fashion world has relaxed its views on mixing prints. This is to be done with extreme care though, because you do not want to commit a fashion faux pas. The key here is to make sure that the two prints doesn’t clash with each other.
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