Beyoncé and Jay-Z are considered as a power couple in the music industry. Apart from being great and successful in their own careers, they are also very rich and famous which makes the partnership even more newsworthy. They have been together for several years, and all seems fine and dandy. However, recently, there has been news of trouble brewing between the musical power couple.

beyonce, jay-z

Beyoncé just finished working on a song with Nicki Minaj and in the said song, some serious slight jabs have been taken at Jay-Z. The couple has never been the same since the incident that Solange had with Hova, and apparently, there are other problems in the marriage as well. According to sources, Beyoncé has mentioned that the marriage isn’t perfect and she recently had to let out some steam in one of her new collaborations.

Some of the song lyrics are a bit heavy on signifying that the marriage is far from perfect, and that Beyoncé kind of attacked Hov in the song as well. She even kind of discussed leaving her relationship. There is no final word yet as to when this song will be out in the public, but even before it does hit the airwaves, it has already created a lot of buzz by being heavy with disses on the power couple’s relationship status.

beyonce, jay-z

Another bit of juicy gossip going through the rumor mill is that Queen B has been looking for an apartment. This may not sound like a big deal, but it becomes one when you become aware of the allegations that she’s been shopping around for an apartment without Jay-Z. That truly is enough to set tongues wagging. Sources have discovered how Beyoncé checked out a $21.5 million penthouse in Chelsea without her significant other.

It may be easy to give meaning to these things, but there aren’t any final words about these rumors yet. Currently, the couple is still mum and no official interviews are out, but who knows, maybe when we hear the full song, we can get some illumination on the real deal between Jay-Z and Queen B.