We can’t help but tune in to every year’s Oscars red carpet to see how the Hollywood stars will surprise us with their lavish wardrobe choices.

And as we’ve seen over the years, hairstyles can make or break the entire outfit, depending on how flattering or occasion-appropriate they are.

Curious about the finest coifs in entertainment? Here are the hairstyles you’ll be dying to try, and exactly how to achieve them!

Emma Stone’s Sleek and Straight ‘Do

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Sometimes sticking to classic and simple is the most secure shortcut to stun at the red carpet.

This was best demonstrated by last year’s Best Actress winner Emma Stone, who showed up to the Academy awards rocking a smooth pin-straight ‘do. La La Land star’s signature strawberry blonde locks were styled a mid-length cut with a deep side part.

One side was tucked behind the ear, while the ends where ever-so-slightly curved inwards.

The 29-year-old’s polished ‘do went together perfectly with her elegant suit by Louis Vuitton.

This look works well for all kinds of occasions, from office setting to formal events to nights out, and what’s even better is that it’s super easy to style.

While your hair is damp, prep it with a touch of anti-frizz product. Use a small amount and concentrate on the mid section and the ends of your hair, distributing the product evenly so you weigh down your strands.

Grab a wide round brush and start blow drying your hair. Take some time on the roots of your hair to give it extra volume.

When you reach the end of your hair, blow dry your tips towards the face. To achieve a more secure style, roll each section of the hair with a wide Velcro roll and leave it in for a couple of minutes. This way, your ‘do won’t budge and your hair will be even more voluminous.

Lock in your hard work with a lightweight hairspray and you’re good to go! 

Zendaya’s Smooth Top-knot

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Sometimes, a girl has to pull her hair back so everyone could have a better look at her show-stopping outfit.

This was certainly the case with Zendaya Coleman, an up-and-coming model and actress, whose movie The Greatest Showman was nominated for Best Original Song at this year’s awards.

Zendaya decided to team up her ethereal Grecian gown from Giambattista Valli with a snatched bun that allowed for her beautiful, bronzy makeup and stunning ensemble to be displayed in their full splendor.

The 21-year-old showed how such simple, effortless ‘do can still be unmistakably glam and look at home even at such a prestigious event as the Oscars red carpet.

For everyone else, this flattering look can also be worn in different kinds of settings. Plus, it’s easy as peas to recreate, especially if you have mid-length hair like Zendaya.

Start off by applying a lightweight styling product that will provide shiny, frizz-free texture and make your hair easier to work with. Next, start collecting your hair into a pony tail. You turn your hair over your head and use a brush to get that really high, smooth pony tail.

Twist your ponytail counter-clockwise and secure it with a hair band that matches your hair color. Use an extra one if you feel like you need extra support.

Finally, tame your baby hairs with a tiny amount of hair gel and a clean tooth brush. Your snatched bun look is complete!

Salma Hayek’s Sensual Low Updo

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It doesn’t take a lot for the Hollywood beauty Salma Hayek to dazzle on the red carpet; this year, she made us all sigh in her sparkling, opulent ensemble from Gucci and an equally stunning hairstyle.

The Mexican star, who had been nominated for Best Actress in 2003, rocked a sensual low updo that perfectly complimented the bright, cascading gown.

This romantic look is perfect for dinner dates, formal occasions and even for everyday wear! It also makes for a stunning bridal hair do. Here’s how to achieve your very own Hayek-inspired look.

Prime your hair by applying volume-boosting mousse or spray.  If you want to add more texture to your hair, curl it using a curling iron without giving it a to done up look.

Tease the front section of your hair to give you it a slightly messier, tousled appearance.

Part your hair in the middle and take out two strands at the front.

Take the two sections just behind your front strands and braid them into small three-strand braids.

Pull the braids and the rest of your hair and tie it in a loose chignon at the nape of your neck. Use bobby pins to secure any hair pieces that are sticking out.

Give your strands a dash of hair spray and your dreamy ‘do is finished!

Mary J. Blige’s Blonde Pompadour

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This year, the iconic diva Mary J. Blige showed us how to rock a short hairstyle that’s 100% red carpet-ready.

The R’n’B diva styled her short blonde ‘do into a chic pompadour, which gave a youthful edge to her fabulous sequined gown from Versace.

The chic coif also worked like a charm against Blige’s drop diamond earrings and simple makeup look, which consisted of a nude lip and a sleek eyeliner.

To achieve this glam, pixie cut-friendly hair, section your top section by doing a horseshoe parting. Split the chunk of your hair into smaller, horizontal sections, teasing each one to achieve a more voluminous texture. Once you’ve backcombed the entire section, throw your hair back, shaping and smoothing it out with your fingers.

Use a touch of hair gel or wax to style the sides of your hair and spritz your fresh ‘do with some hair spray.

Lupita Nyong’o’s Golden Thread

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This Kenyan-Mexican actress took everyone’s breath away when she showed up in a dazzling black-and-gold dress designed by Versace Atelier, which she emphasized by wearing a smoldering sapphire makeup look.

The Black Panther star also combined her mesmerizing futuristic gown with an equally fascinating hairstyle, which was composed of three voluminous asymmetrical braids woven with a piece of golden thread.

The elaborate ‘do was inspired by Amasunzu, a hairstyle traditionally worn by both men and women from Rwanda.

For achieving this stunning look, start off by washing and conditioning your hair. 

Next up, nourish the strands and the scalp with a moisturizing treatment.

Blow dry your hair with a large round brush. To make your hair extra pliable and easier to manipulate, smooth out the tips with a flat iron, leaving the part of your strands closer to the roots as they are. With this technique, you will achieve more volume and definition.

Finally, start sculpting your hair into three braids, then secure the whole look with a touch of hairspray.

Now, for the cherry on top: begin weaving a golden thread (or a hair piece of your choice!) into your three braids as neatly as you possible can.

Your Wakanda-ready look is finally complete!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Californian Waves

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With all the ultra-glamorous get ups that are a staple of every Academy Awards red carpet, sometimes you need to offset all that extravaganza with a more casual ‘do.

This is exactly what previous Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence did when she paired up her sparkling metallic Dior dress with voluminous, tousled waves.

The Red Sparrow star definitely nailed that all American look and proved that your hair doesn’t need to be all styled to the nines in order to own the red carpet.

These effortless, yet super stylish beach waves can be flattering on hairs of different lengths and textures.

To create your very own J-Law inspired look, prep your hair by spraying a touch of volumizing product into your roots. Massage the product in with your fingers, as this will help lift your strands and give them more texture.

Next, divide your hair into sections and start curling your hair using a curling iron or a hair straightener. 

Alternate each strand between classic ribbon curl and the slightly looser flat wave, by shaping each strand into an S-shape and gently pressing it with flat iron to preserve the structure. This way, your hair will have a less uniformed and more dynamic look.

Once your done curling your hair, spritz it with a bit of texturizing spray and use a fine-tooth comb to brush through the tips for a more effortless vibe.

Margot Robbie’s Bob with a Subtle Wave

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Bobs have been all the rage this award season.

And for good reason, too: they’re ultra-chic and can give any glam look a more modern appearance.

This was certainly the case with Margot Robbie, who paired up her otherworldly full length Chanel gown and minimal rosy makeup with a simple, yet perfectly styled wavy bob.

Start off by treating your strands with a lightweight shampoo and a pea-sized amount of shine-boosting conditioner. Once your hair is washed, part it on the side and use a straightening iron to carefully form the subtle waves, making sure each section is curled in the same direction.

When you’ve finished creating your waves, start gently brushing your hair to give it a uniformed appearance and texture.

Once you’re finally done styling your chop, use a texturizing spray to toussle and break up the waves with your fingers.

Tuck one side behind the ear and secure it with a bobby pin or two.

Lock in all your hard work with a spritz of medium-hold hair spray.

Your glammed up bob is ready to be flaunted to the world!

Taraji P. Henson’s Sharp Bob

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Angled bob is one of those chic hairstyles that you can never go wrong with – not even at the Oscars!

This was clearly demonstrated by Taraji P. Henson, who stepped out on the red carpet clad in a sensual custom made Vera Wang gown and a pair of sexy Jimmy Choo stilettos.

The Empire star topped off the sizzling look with a sleek, angled bob which couldn’t have been a better choice for this head-turning all-black ensemble.

To achieve this fab ‘do so that not a single hair is out of place, follow this quick and easy tutorial.

Start off by washing and shampooing your hair. To make sure your hair achieves that silky perfection when it gets dry, set aside some time and treat it to a deep conditioner.

Once you’re out of the shower pat it with a soft towel until it’s semi-dry. Apply a heat protector on your strands to avoid damage induced by styling tools.

Part your hair to the side using a fine comb and begin blow drying your hair and perking it up by using a wide round brush. This will help smooth out your hair and give it an extra boost of volume.

Once your hair is completely dry, begin straightening each section, making sure to flatten your hair all the way to the tips.

After you’ve finished straightening your hair, finish it off with a medium-hold hairspray to add a bit of shine and ensure you polished ‘do stays put for the whole day.

And with this, we complete out list of the most exquisite hair ‘dos, as seen at the Academy Awards 2018. Now that you know how to achieve these coveted coifs, it is time go out there and rock your sassy new ‘do like a true Hollywood A-lister.