I try to eat healthy and make my food at home, I really do. However, there are just times when I can’t resist the call (and ease) of store-bought food so I give in and buy my meals. This doesn’t mean though that I completely let loose; I tend to think of such moments and indulgences and I make sure that I end up with great-tasting food that isn’t too fatty and sugary.

Ikea Food Review

This is what brings me to talk to you about one of my favorite food places in the world: Ikea! Now most people know Ikea as a place to buy beddings and furniture but it is so much more than that especially if you take the time to have a look at their cafeteria and the section where they keep their food choices.  I have been slowly making my way through the food they offer and if you haven’t tried Ikea food before, have a look at my favorites below!

My Swedish Food Loves

Ikea Food Review 2

  • Kakor Havreflarn –It sounds like some fancy food you eat at a black-tie dinner, isn’t it? However, what you should know is that Kakor Havreflan is really just sweet oat crisps! How do I know that? Well, check the side of the box because Ikea has translated it into nearly every language. These are fantastic with coffee and are even used as ice cream sandwich ends.
  • Paj Ost –Paj Ost might sound strange but let me tell you that it is a fantastic treat! It is actually just a simple cheddar cheese and leek pie and while it may not look like much out of the package, let me tell you that it tastes divine after a few minutes in the microwave or an oven toaster.

Ikea Food Review 3

  • Chocolate covered oat balls with coconut sprinkles –This Ikea treat has a very dessert sounding name but do not let it fool you since it also works as a wonderful snack. The oats are heavy so you do not really need to eat too many to feel full. Besides, these are the size of jaw-breakers and you need to eat them slowly.