If I remember correctly, it was during 2006 that I first chanced upon the Perez Hilton website and much to my chagrin, I got hopelessly hooked. The thing with Perez Hilton was that his site was so unashamedly pink and he was so refreshing! He said it like it is and he never minced his words unlike other gossip websites. He was like a breath of fresh air and I was addicted to him.

What is Perez Hilton Up to Now

As months went by, more and more people I knew got hooked to Perez and his website and like anything that booms in the internet, his website and his reputation grew and grew. The last time I read his website was perhaps back in 2009 and after that, I just stopped reading.

For those of you that got hooked to Perez Hilton like I did but sort of lost touch with him and his website, you may want to know what this acid-tongued blogger has been up to! Let me just say that it has been a wild ride for the blogger and there have been a few mishaps along the way.

Perez Livin’ It Up!

For the past several years, Perez Hilton has certainly been very busy. For one, he just adopted a son and became a proud father. Also in the past year, he has managed to pick a fight with Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, wherein he got punched. He has also gotten into several Twitter feuds with celebrities.

What is Perez Hilton Up to Now 2

Aside from the feuds on social networking sites, Perez Hilton has also gotten bit parts in several TV shows. Just this 2014, he was given a role in the low-budget but amazingly popular Sharknado 2 movie. In 2012, he was given a bit part in the famous TV series Glee, wherein he played the role of a gay party goer.

His latest project though has to do with his being a dad. He is going all around NY and looking for other gay fathers to star in a reality TV show with him. So far, he is still looking for other gay dads to be in the cast.