Summer means it’s that time of the year again – bikini season. Are you in a state of panic and wondering what bikini would best match your body type? I know that not all of us are confident in our bodies and that when it comes to bikinis, finding the most flattering fit suited to our body type would be the ideal thing to do. Check out these tips when choosing which bikini to wear depending on your body type:

Match Your Bikini to Your Body Type

  • Small chest – Choose small triangle tops if you have a small chest. Bandeau tops would also work great. Bright colors give the illusion of a fuller chest, and ruffles combined with some padded bikini tops can help add volume. Those with push up pads would work great as well.
  • Big chest – Make sure you get bikinis which have supportive structures such as wires and thicker straps to support your chest. You won’t need a lot of pads, so steer clear of heavily padded ones.
  • Noticeable belly – If your belly is a problem area and you don’t feel like wearing revealing two-piece bikinis, you can go for a monokini or a traditional one-piece swimsuit. Diagonal designs or a vertical line on the upper half will draw attention away from your tummy. A loose tankini matched with boyleg bottoms will work as well.
  • Straight torso – Since not all women have hourglass figures, those who have straight torsos can depend on ruffly and girly pieces. Bandeau tops or chic haltered tops with some ruffles matched with a ruffled boyleg bottom or skirtini can instantly make you look feminine.
  • Fit body – If you are blessed with good proportions, then lucky you! You’ll look great in mostly anything, and choosing your bikini won’t be a problem. Dare to try skimpy Brazilian bottoms which show more of your butt.

Match Your Bikini to Your Body Type 2

Now that you have an idea on which pieces to wear, you can begin hunting for that perfect bikini when you hit the beach! Make sure to fit them well and you definitely won’t regret spending on the bikini which flatters your body the most.