I may have reservations for Selena Gomez’ choice of beau, but one thing I cannot deny adoring is her sense of style. Selena Gomez was a shocking image when she celebrated her birthday with her newfound friend Cara Delevingne. It is actually nice seeing her look as dazzling as the Victoria’s Secret Angel, and if you ask me, I like Selena Gomez’ face better than Cara’s. That’s probably just me though, because Cara is one of the most successful models today. She is also a social media favorite, with millions of people following her accounts.

Selena Gomez

As for how Selena celebrated her birthday, I wouldn’t mind a night of fun and drinking with friends, as what Selena did with Cara starting Monday night. St. Tropez seems to be a really good vacation spot for celebrities this season. Selena visited Villa Romana, a popular nightspot, where the two fashion icons had her birthday meal followed by some fun at the adjoining nightspot.

How Selena Gomez Spent Her Birthday

Selena looked stunning in her black dress and gold heels, but what I like the most is the intimacy of the event. Her supposed boyfriend Justin Bieber is not invited. I read an article about Justin Bieber actually drunk dialing Cara to check up on what’s happening, and many are saying that the two ladies are more than just friends because Cara is a lesbian, so maybe Justin is worried. If he is indeed worried, it wouldn’t be because of Cara though. Selena’s birthday vacation sans Justin involved a man, whom she was pictured jet skiing with. The man is a hunk too and definitely more good-looking!

I can’t help feeling sad though because Selena’s other friends are also absent. Taylor Swift, whom she had been close to for some time, is out of the picture and she also had a falling out with the Jenner sisters. Some rumors also say that she and her long-time BFF Demi Lovato are having a feud. I’m hoping that those rumors are not true, because a friendship that long is really precious. You don’t just let go of a person after 14 years of friendship.

But it’s Selena, and it’s her 22nd birthday. She can spend it with whoever she likes!