When it comes to natural skin treatments, I’m always on the lookout for something new! Taken from around the world, these culturally specific skin treatments are based on years of traditional beauty practices. Some of them might sound pretty weird, but they all use simple, easy-to-find items and are totally worth a try!

Woman puts cucumbers on eyes while wearing facial mask

The women of Chile credit their wonderful skin to the firming power of red grapes! To unlock the benefits of this fruit, just mash a handful of grapes and add 2 tablespoons of white flour to make a mask. Apply it to your face and leave it for 10 minutes before washing. It is said to increase skin vitality by erasing signs of fatigue.

Egyptian women allegedly have their famously beautiful predecessor Queen Cleopatra to thank for their number one beauty secret: milk baths. Milk baths are taken to soften skin and remove dead cells, keeping your skin rejuvenated and healthy all over. To follow this practice, just add 2 cups of powdered milk to your bath, and you’ll be one step closer to radiant skin!

Instead of the typical cucumbers under the eyes, the women of Spain use thinly sliced pieces of potato as a cure for bags and circles. By applying them over the eyes for about ten minutes, the potatoes should lighten your skin, making the discoloration under your eyes disappear!

Face-slapping, an ancient beauty technique from Thailand, is exactly what it sounds like. By slapping the face, the muscles and fat are moved around, leading to a slimmer shape, smaller pores, and less wrinkles. By stimulating the face with slaps, blood flow increases to the area, effectively removing free radicals and toxins, leaving your skin healthy and glowing. And don’t worry, when this technique is performed correctly, the pain is minimal!

So next time you’re looking to shake up your skin regime, skip the spa and take a trip to your local grocery store to stock up on the ingredients necessary to try these international treatments!