Shea butter

Shea Butter has been produced from the nuts of the karite tree. Karite tree is mainly used to be found in West Africa. First the nuts are collected from this tree. Then, they are crushed, roasted and grinded to produce Shea butter. It is an extensive as well as natural process. When such process is followed, without the use of any solvents or chemical substances, the derived Shea Butter has been called organic and unrefined Shea Butter.

Unrefined Shea Butter contains high amount of Vitamin E and A, fatty acid, etc. All these elements are good for skin and this is why Shea butter has been used to enhance natural glow of skin. It also has anti-aging properties, which means your skin will stay juvenile for long time. Let us find the skin benefits of Shea Butter in detail in the following section:

  1. Shea Butter Keeps Skin Hydrated or Moist

If you have dry skin, you can use Shea butter as a natural moisturizing substance for your skin. Apply it directly on your skin daily and you will find that your skin stays perfectly moistened or hydrated for long time. In winter skin dryness is a common issue. Due to dryness, skin texture becomes rough and natural skin glow tends to get vanished. To protect your skin from dryness of harsh winter, you can prefer applying organic Shea Butter to keep your skin glowing, gorgeous and rejuvenated.

  1. Shea Butter Is Anti-inflammatory

High amount of fatty acid and cinnamic acid are present in Shea Butter. These two substances are considered as exceptionally beneficial for human skin. These two substances help to reduce skin irritations, inflammations, etc. On top of that, fatty acid encourages skin regeneration. Thus, Shea Butter heals various kinds of skin rashes or irritations or eczema and it also helps in curing skin wounds by triggering skin regeneration.

  1. Restoring Skin Elasticity

Presence of high amount of natural anti-oxidants makes Shea Butter a perfect substance to be used for skin rejuvenation. It protects from skin aging, by maintaining natural elasticity of skin. Apply organic Shea Butter regularly to your skin to protect it from becoming saggy and old.

  1. Sun Protection

Unrefined and organic Shea Butter has exceptional sun protection authority. It contains high amount of cinnamic acid, which is mainly responsible for sun protection effects of Shea Butter. It does not only protect skin from getting dark tan, but also blocks skin damages due to UV rays. Skin rashes or allergies, caused by sun rays can be cured with organic Shea Butter.