Garlic is one herb that is quite extensively employed for adding aroma and flavor to many different types of\ dishes. Even we use it several times while cooking. But little do people know that it comprises of several medicinal properties that protect the skin from various sorts of skin diseases. It comprises of numerous healing components that help the skin to heal quickly and also enables it to stay young and smooth.

Here we will try and discuss how garlic proves to be beneficial in fighting skin diseases.

How garlic prevents skin problems?
Garlic consists of mucilage elements and starch which help in quickening the maturation of pimples. This is the reason why some people use garlic in treating pimples, acnes or bumps. Garlic also strengthens the liver and kidneys, removes toxins and bacteria from the body and purifies the intestines, making the skin healthy and disease free. It is also a strong anti-bacterial and fungal component which assists in reducing skin inflammation, repairing tissues and fighting fungi and other skin complications.

Here are some of the skin problems which garlic assists in curing:

  • Prevents and fights dry skin
  • Eliminates acne, eczema and ulcers
  • Helps fight fungal problems
  • Helps rejuvenate the skin and inhibit premature wrinkles
  • Helps improve blood circulation and also nourishes the skin by providing essential vitamins and other important components to every tissue and cell

Strong Antioxidant Activity Due to Allicin
Most of the strong skin disease fighting ability is due to its antioxidant characteristics, and most of these properties are due to the existence of allicin. It is considered as among the most powerful antioxidant found in food. Apart from allicin, garlic also comprises of several other antioxidant components such as zinc, selenium, vitamin C etc.

These antioxidants present in garlic safeguards the skin from free radicals and dangerous molecules which pose a threat to the healthy cells, causing several cellular damages. However, garlic prevents all that and protects the skin from all possible diseases including Alzheimer or certain types of skin cancer. Research has also shown that garlic is known to fight skin bacteria, just like penicillin does.

How often do you have garlic? For the best results, it is best to eat one or two cloves of garlic every day.