Ayurveda is a medicinal science that derives its roots from East India. It is one of the oldest medicine systems for healing of all sorts of skin disease. The products that are mainly used here are- natural herbs, vegetables and fruit extracts. They are extremely beneficial for the skin, as it helps remove all the toxins thereby giving a flawless glow to it.

It is seems that these days people are getting dark spots and wrinkles starting from a very early age. There are many cosmetic products which claim they battle these issues, but what to do if you prefer a more natural route? With Ayurvedic treatments, you can work on returning your youth and beauty the natural way. There are several Ayurvedic face masks that can be made using the natural ingredients that can be found in your home. Here we will try and cover a few of them. Read on for details…

The Marigold Face Pack
Marigold is a very popular face pack ingredient that many people are seen employing. All one has to do is- smash some marigold flowers, add one tsp. of honey and some raw milk and blend it properly. When the mixture is ready, apply to the face and allow it to stay for some time. After that, clean it off using Luke warm water.

Sandalwood Mask:
The technique involved- take some sandalwood powder and by adding some rose water, mix it up adequately. Then simply apply it on to the face and allow it to stay for some minutes. After that, wash it using water! Keep doing it for a week or two and see the difference.

Aromatic pack:
All one has to do is- take some lavender oil and add two tsp. of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric with some fresh cream or butter and blend thoroughly. Apply it onto the face and leave it on for some time, clear it off using water. Repeat the dose regularly for a week or two and witness the change.

Honey and lemon pack:
It is one of the most used face packs by people all over the world. The techniques involved- take some quantity of honey in a bowl and by adding some lemon juice, apply it on to the face. Allow it to stay for some time and wash it off using Luke warm water. It is very good in removing the impurities from the skin and also assists in fighting pimples or other skin aging problems. Plus one gets a nice and naturally glowing skin.