The Rift Between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber

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Orlando Bloom isn’t usually seen in celebrity news and gossip columns. We just see him out in the movies, but recently, he hit a snag with Justin Bieber. The event in question had Orlando throwing a punch at Justin in Ibiza at the Cipriani restaurant which other famous celebrities such as P. Diddy and Paris Hilton usually frequent. The punch throwing incident happened during the early morning of July 22. But what was the reason behind this punching incident? I’ve heard of several angles.

The Rift Between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber

According to one version, Justin extended his hand for a possible handshake towards Orlando but the latter refused it. Then, Justin asked what the problem was and Orlando mentioned Miranda. Justin allegedly tried to walk away but that was when Orlando threw a punch at him.

That was one of the versions. The second, more vexing version if you are an Orlando fan was that Justin allegedly said something about having sex with Miranda which was what prompted the punch from Orlando. There’s a video of the event, and in the video it wasn’t visible that Orlando threw a punch. According to the eyewitnesses – there were just two who saw it – Justin was able to dodge the punch and after doing so, screamed, “What’s up, bitch?” According to the people there, Justin walked away and the crowd even gave him an applause. Hours after the fight in Ibiza, Justin posted a certain picture of Miranda on his Instagram account which earned over 94000 likes before he deleted it.

The Rift Between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber

Even more interesting was the backstory of this recent event. Justin went to a party with Miranda after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show back in 2012 – with Miranda being Orlando’s wife at the time. This party had been in NYC and Justin and Miranda got really close after partying. Just April this year, Orlando had been seen hanging out with Selena Gomez who is Justin’s on and off girlfriend.

The Rift Between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber

There is no clear version of what happened, but whatever it was, there was some punching and dodging included – the reasons for which are seemingly known only to the two guys involved.

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