Three mason jars with fruit infused water and straws

With the day’s hustle and bustle, we seem to forget to take care of ourselves in the simplest of ways—like drinking the eight glasses of water recommended per day. People acknowledge the importance of consuming two to three liters of water daily, yet still proceed to skip a few drinks. Here are a few fun ways to successfully drink your eight glasses a day.

Use a Water Bottle that You Love

Shelf of plastic water bottles

Water is essential to hydrate the skin, flush out toxins, and rejuvenate the body. Drinking less than the standard amount may cause complications in bodily functions. However, people still forget to reach the eight-glass mark. Investing in a water bottle that you’d look forward to using may inspire you to finish all eight glasses.

Choose a container that suits your style. You might buy a bottle because it is in your favorite color, or simply because you find that it fits your aesthetic. Another consideration in buying a water bottle is your lifestyle. Reflect on how you go about your day, your activities, and even your bag choices. Do you prefer lugging around a bag pack, or would you instead shoulder a handbag? People who usually take backpacks to work opt for volume-heavy containers or vacuum insulated mugs.

Manufacturers are also producing collapsible cups to reuse, aimed for environmentally conscious consumers. These cups are conveniently collapsed and stowed away even in the smallest of bags. They also fit people who bring small bags.

Another idea to make drinking water fun is personalizing your water bottle! Some people pay to have their names embossed in flashy and stylish lettering on their flasks. Isn’t it like your drink is beckoning to you for another sip?

Set Goals and Rewards

In any business situation, it is wise to set goals with the ends in mind to help you achieve milestones. In this challenge for self-betterment and the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, we can also do the same. People who have difficulty accomplishing the tall order of eight glasses can set hourly goals. For instance, you have the goal of finishing a glass every hour. To help with this, you set your phone’s alarm, signaling you to drink. This tip helps forgetful or busy people whose last priority is their health.

Another creative way to remind yourself of your water goals is to mark your container with the glasses they have to take. These marks may peg the amount and the time when you should drink. This strategy works well for goal-oriented people.

From all your hard work, expect high returns. Drinking eight glasses may be a small challenge accomplished for some, but for others, it is considered a feat! Once you get used to drinking hourly, it will be easier for you to incorporate this in your daily routine. People who acknowledge the bigger picture will consistently deliver with their goal of eight glasses every day.

Although water helps with hydrating the skin and keeping it refreshed, people still tend to underestimate its benefits. Set alarms and goals to monitor your water intake, and if you reach your goals, reward yourself for a job well done. For example, challenging yourself to perfect a month straight deserves a new pair of kicks or a spa day. People need tangible rewards they can enjoy after fulfilling the challenge.

Water with a Twist

Glasses of water infused with watermelon, cucumber and mint

Some people find water’s taste dull and bland. An alternative to accomplishing the eight-glass mark is to add an extra kick. To make drinking water fun and exciting, you can infuse water with your favorite fruits and herbs.

Some of the yummiest fruits that will bring zest to your water are the following:

Other people with a knack for herbal choices infuse water with the following:

  • fresh thyme
  • hibiscus
  • mint leaves

Prepare the fruit of your choice by slicing them into sizeable pieces. For herbs, you may handpick them to place inside the water. Submerge the fruit or herbs of your choice in water, and refrigerate the infusion for a more relaxing and fresher mix. Water infused with fruits is also used as a weight loss trick. Imagine following this technique and hitting two birds with one stone—weight loss and hydration!

And if you’re feeling a little more experimental, you can try using sparkling water and come up with a combination of different fruits and herbs!

Eat Your Water

Are you tired of fueling yourself with fluids? It turns out people do not need to drink exactly eight glasses of water. You can always eat your way through life! Certain foods have high water content, and an alternative is to eat water-rich food like fruits and vegetables.

Make healthier diet choices by selecting hydrating food or incorporating them in your mealtime. Fruits rich in water are cucumbers and melons. True to its name, watermelons contain up to 92% water. You can also try eating salads with water-rich ingredients like lettuce and celery.

If you are not a fan of leafy vegetables, soup is also good water-based food. However, stay away from creamy soups with high sodium content; it is an unhealthy option. Instead, you can try fresh vegetable soups, like pumpkin or carrot soup. If you are expecting to avoid vegetables entirely, that is impossible to do. Tighten your belt and get ready to eat green!

Another fun way to eat your water is cutting water-rich fruit slices and freezing them into popsicles. You can have these treats for dessert. This technique works well for kids who need the motivation to drink water because they will see the sweet frozen goodness as dessert.

Flavored Iced Cubes

Fruit ice cubes

Is water still not as fun for you? Here is an exceptionally creative way to drink water: try considering flavored ice cubes. Any trendsetting Pinterest girl would undoubtedly love doing trying this out. Making flavored ice cubes involves simple preparation that you can do without much effort. As long as you have space in your fridge, you can prepare them ahead of time

It is best to use fresh fruit juice because they have natural sugars. You can use timeless favorites like orange, lemon, mango juice. If you want to add more exotic ingredients to the mix, you could opt for dragon fruit, kiwi, or lime juice. Freezing fruit slices also work. Lay them out on the tray, add some water if you want, and freeze them overnight. Add these unique ice cubes to your water, and enjoy a refreshing tropical drink.

Techie Apps

A lot of people take for granted the high-technology resources they have at their fingertips. If you browse the internet, there is an app for almost anything!

For techies, downloading an app to remind and count your water intake is a convenience. Apps such as Waterlogged or Water Your Body are designed to keep track of how many glasses you consume throughout the day. Apps like these features an alarm that notifies you to down another drink. Netizens recommend trying the following apps because of their adorable and interactive reward system every time you finish a drink:

  • Aloe Bud
  • Plant Nanny
  • Aqualert
  • My Water Balance

Water counter features are found in several health apps. Unlocking your Samsung Health app allows you to keep track even your sleeping habits and exercise. Apps such as these prove how much people rely on technology and convenience. Let us make the most of the technological developments and use them to live a better, healthier life.

Friends Help Friends Hydrate

Friends drinking water

Supportive friends and family are gems that everybody needs. These people are your believers who want you to achieve your goals—be it health or life goals. They are rooting for you. Involving close people in this life project urges you to become accountable for your set water goals. How? Your friends will keep you accountable by continually reminding you to hydrate

For the competitive spirits who want to prove themselves, making wagers with friends can help motivate them to commit to drinking more water. Bet on your drive to reach your goals. You can invite your friends to join you in this water-drinking challenge—the more, the merrier! Set a prize for who can drink the most gallons a day, or who can stick to the regime the longest. It is a fun activity, especially when losers treat the winners out. This is what real squad goals are all about—building detoxifying fun and healthy friendships.

Water After Shots

Whether we forget to drink water on purpose, or negligently, we need to commit to drinking water as we do shots. On a night out with friends, there is this drinking rule that can help you drink more water. Right after every shot, a person must drink a glass of water. This option is beneficial in keeping party people hydrated.

You may also incorporate this in a drinking game played with friends. People enjoy beer pong, but who’s to stay water pong is not as fun? Who knows, water pong might become a revolutionary game. Night outs might be a fun time for you, but never forget the importance of water. Come out to celebrate and come back home hydrated.

Serve the Tea

Cup of tea

Flavor without the extra calories is one of tea’s best features. Infusing tea leaves with your water allows for  higher fluid intake. It breaks the blandness of water and replaces it with a flavorful, healthy beverage. Drinking tea over water is better for your body. Water typically replaces the water while tea both replaces the water and introduces antioxidants into the body.  In the short run, tea has a soothing effect on the body. Meanwhile, consistent consumption may also decrease your risk of other diseases like heart diseases and cancer in the long run.

Aside from deciding between tea bags or tea leaves, you can serve tea in a variety of flavors. The choice is yours. You have classics like chamomile, lemon, mint, pomegranate, etc. Stronger ones like black and green tea are also favorites of caffeine-seeking individuals. Are the classics too dull for you? Veer away from the usual and try some more extraordinary flavors! A few unusual tea flavors are carrot cake, maple bacon, broccoli cilantro, and tomato mint. This list can go on forever.

If you do not care much for vegetable or bacon-flavored tea, the tea market has introduced wine-inspired iced tea. Sounds classy, right? The series has three flavors—chardonnay, rose, and cabernet. You can easily find unique products on the market to make drinking tea a fun experience. Tea bags come in various shapes like fish, dolphins, airplanes, etc. If you are tired of sipping water all day, whip out that bunny-shaped tea bag and enjoy its calming effects.

Put Your Water Bottle on Display

Your water bottle deserves to be displayed! Not only does this speak about your fun personality, but it also tells the world your dedication to a healthier lifestyle. A tumbler in sight serves as a constant reminder to finish that glass.

To all the working ladies and gents, place your tumbler on top of your desk. You will be reminded to drink faster if you see a refreshing glass of water. Another good tip for drinking water at work is incorporating it in your routine. Working sedentary jobs takes a toll on your health. People sitting for the majority of the day are advised to stretch and walk around the office to get them to leave their seats. Before standing, make it a habit to drink water.

Repeating such actions with consistency and sincerity will help you reach that eight-glass goal. Moreover, practicing these steps will help you make good habits. Soon enough, you would not need reminders as your body starts looking for hydration.

With these different ways to encourage you to drink more water, reaching the required amount would be so much easier! Here’s the trick—challenging yourself to keep hydrating can be fun; you only need the will to deliver.