Black and red eyeliner look with multiple tips

May it be bold lashes or alluring eyeliner, a look is never complete without something to make your eyes pop. Here are over 24 ways you can wear black eyeliner, along with more tips on how to create different looks that will surely accentuate your beautiful eyes.

The Beloved Cat Eye

If you’ve ever put on makeup, chances are you’ve done this a lot of times. This look isn’t complete without long lashes and a highlighted inner corner. Achieving this look isn’t a walk in the park though, as makeup enthusiasts flock over to tutorials to try and recreate the perfect cat-eye. There are a lot of ways to achieve this look⁠—from triangle stamps to tapes attached to the outer edge of the eye. But, ultimately, this is a perfect look for bold eye makeup.

Asian Eyeliner

You can typically see this style on Asians because it is subtle and doesn’t take the attention away from other portions of their eye makeup.  This look is achieved similar to the cat-eye; only with a smaller wing and pigment closer to the lash line. The wing makes the eyes more slanted and more alluring. Usually, bright-colored matte eyeshadows are paired with this look.

No Wing

This is a simple look where the eyeliner does not extend at the edge of the eye. It’s great for everyday use and would be perfect when paired with some lip and cheek tint and brows. This is the easiest to do since you don’t have to worry about messing up the wings. However, remember to not overline your lash line or else it could take away the simplicity of the look.

The Cleopatra Look

You can see this most commonly associated with Cleopatra, primarily because of the accentuated tip of the inner corner, which resembles a cat. Sometimes, the inner corner doesn’t have to be sharpened. It could be a bold cat eye on top that elongates to the edge of the waterline and ends smoothly at about 3–5mm below your tear duct. Simple eyeshadow, such as copper-hued shimmer shades, can be used on the lid.

Double Arc, Single Wing

A rule of thumb in predominantly Western makeup is to darken your crease and lighten your inner corner. With this eyeliner look, the darkened crease is taken to a whole other level by outlining it with black eyeliner. You may amp up this look by using a different color.

Smoky Wing

Instead of using a regular liquid eyeliner, you have to apply a layer of black eyeshadow powder first. With a blending brush, feather out the product in a circular motion, then flick it outwards. No other eyeshadow would be necessary with this look. The smoky wing is reminiscent of the extremely bold eyeshadow look which consists of a dark brown base blended above the crease, and black matte shadow patted on the lid.

Bottoms for Days

What’s remarkable about black eyeliner on your waterline is seen when paired with either a simple, non-winged liner or a regular cat-eye. Although pretty unconventional, it is possible to go out with just the waterline having pigment and no eyeliner on the lid.

The liner on the waterline makes your eyes look bigger, bolder, and more dramatic. You can apply it in several ways:

  • ending at the middle of your eye,
  • just at the edge of your tear duct,
  • or after it.

Nevertheless, this look is always recommended to be applied with black eyeliner pencils and smudged, thinning out in the inner corner.

Sponge-Textured Bold Cat Eye

As the name suggests, you can achieve this look through a small sponge tapped gently into the shape of a wing. Pair this with unorthodox bottom lashes, and you’ll surely be turning heads with how fierce this look is.

Thin Strokes, Weird Folks

This look is one of the most amazing and subtle eyeliner looks anyone can pull off. As long as you acknowledge and embrace the shape of your eye, you can pick out different areas to accentuate using thin strokes of eyeliner. This is an example of an unorthodox look.  You can be creative and take advantage of the shape of and the space around your eye to make graphic looks as well.

Double-Winged Eyeliner

A straightforward yet elegant way to wear eyeliner is by overextending the line at the waterline, create another wing. A variation of this is to simply make another tip adjacent to the wing on your lid. Negative space is essential, and the illusion that your skin tone could be another geometric figure in the look could do wonders.

Lined Crease with the Beloved Cat-Eye

Sometimes, you don’t really need intricate eye makeup using matte and shimmer eyeshadows to finish a look. All you need is an eyeliner and a little imagination. Following the shape of your eyes should be innate might be hard to achieve when you first try this look. Practice and try applying with a very light hand, still making sure your liquid eyeliner is leaving pigment on your skin.

Lined Crease with Negative Space in Cat-Eye

Another way to wear black eyeliner is to outline the edges of where you would typically put your cat-eye and create negative space. You can also make two tips of wings by lining your crease in an upward and outward motion. This shows that you can pair all-black eyeliner looks with a line of glitter or a pop of color.

Dramatic Effect

Sometimes, you can create a look by simply filling out your whole lid with black eyeliner. It makes for a dramatic effect and, unlike the one shown in the picture, need not a white imprint. This look is extremely bold and is not for the faint of heart. Be ready to turn heads as they get lost in your eyes.

Surrounded by Black

Ever wonder what it would look like if you completely applied black eyeliner around your eye? It truly is a daring and dauntless look. This look works best if you have light-colored irises because of the sharp contrast. Just remember to make it as clean as possible⁠—you don’t want smudges for this sharp look!

Filled in, Multiple Tips

As long as you know the shape of your eye, you can add as many tips as you want. This look creates a very fiery look and really brings out the daredevil in you. An excellent way to go about this is not to use overly pigmented blacks, so your lashes could still be admired.

Multiple Tips, With Color

Like the previous look, you can also create a look with multiple wingtips as long as you make a note of the shape of your eye. Winged eyeliner should always end upward and outward, making sure that there is a clean and crisp line. To get the perfect angle for a winged eye, take your brush and place the tip at the side edge of your nose and remember where the brush passes by the outer corner of the eye. Applying your eyeliner in that angle highlights your face structure and complements the upward structure of your cheekbones.

Multiple Tips, Up and Down

Another play on negative space and creating multiple tips is to copy the same technique onto the space under the waterline. Always remember to follow the shape of your eye for looks like this, and make sure to use a thin brush to create clean, crisp tips.

Boxed and Tattered

This graphic eyeliner is reminiscent of video games for its decisive spacing and clean, straight edges. A common theme with these eyeliner looks is they always follow the shape of your eye, but this goes to show that boxed looks are really in and enthralling.

Cut Up the Edges

Another look that plays with negative space is when you make a regular cat-eye and add a twist to it. You can create this by taking a thin brush or q tip, dipping it in makeup remover, and making clean spaces in between the look.

Line From Middle to Tip

A cool way to create a different look with eyeliner is to partition the outer and inner portion of your eye. Do this by drawing a slanted line from the middle to the space below the tip of your brow. You could either fill in the spaces, leave them empty, or fill in one and leave the other empty. Whichever you choose would make for a really unique look that will earn you compliments.

Mini-Mountain Cat Eye

Start with a really thin layer of eyeliner at the inner corner of the eye and then a steep line just before the edge. Instead of continuing the line, try making it swoop a little downward, but ultimately ending with an upward motion. This look really isn’t seen every day, but it is surely great to try something new.

Mini-Valley Cat Eye

Following the same principle as before, start with a thin layer at the inner corner of your eye then keep moving outward. End with a relatively steep line upward and create a horizontal line just above the outer edge of your eye. Fill in the space in between the shape you created and where your usual eyeliner should be, and see how beautiful this turns out.

Eye Cloud

The ambiguity of the rounded edges really draws you in and creates a regal look. The eye cloud is best achieved with a bright-colored outline, but it would still work without it. Use a cream liner or eyeshadow when doing this look, as it could be hard to remove and leave a dry feeling around your eyes.

Gradient Fill

A way to draw the wave is to make sure that the more voluptuous parts are hit by light. Darken the edges and leave negative space in the middle, just like the space in previous looks. A way to amp up this look is to fill the space in, but not so much as to put shocking pigment all over the lid. A gradient like this could be perfect for that subtle and elegant look. Achieve the glossy finish by using lip gloss to create that sexy look we’ve all wanted every now and then.

Other Notable Looks

From this picture, the striking looks that are not yet mentioned are numbers 9 to 11. Each has a different feel to them from all the other looks. To create number 9 or “Fork Magic,” you can use microblading tips similar to those used for brows. In fact, you can do multiple tips using microblades. It all just matters on the precision and cleanliness of your lines.

Sicilian and Retro, on the other hand, both take following the shape of your eyes to a whole new level. Instead of ending with an upward and outward motion, both looks take the Vintage look, overextend it, and make it bolder. The shape follows the natural curve of your eye where the edge of the extension stops at your crease.

All these eyeliner looks look creative and stunning. Just remember to use your imagination and practice making clean and decisive strokes. People get better over time, so you’ll eventually be able to make your own stunning look. Good luck!