LONDON - FEBRUARY 15, 2019: Stylish ladies wearing pink clothes posing for photographer in front of 180 The Strand for London Fashion Week 2019.

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Once again, the streets of Britain crawled with A-lister fashionistas from all over the world for the 2019 London Fashion Week following New York which took place the week before. The series of shows started on February 15 and ended on the 19th. 

A Feast for the Eyes

Autumn/Winter collections graced the runway. From sleek and flowy outfits to oversized ruffle trench coats, London-based designers brought to the stage their A-game. What do you expect? The crowd is not only filled with celebrities but also big-time fashion authorities and potential buyers of very expensive couture. 

Here are our favorite looks from the high-street designers of Britain.

Simple, Sleek and Chic

A.W.A.K.E. Mode founder Natalie Alaverdian takes inspiration from animals, film, and characters in history.  Furthermore, as observed from A.W.A.K.E’s collections, there are hints of modern Japanese art and culture as seen in this black long trench coat dress.

A.W.A.K.E stands for All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm because of the intention and goal to convey a story through styling and design.  Signature looks of the brand would include a minimalistic combination of monotone pieces, tailored coats, and sleek dresses.

As seen in this look, A.W.AK.E aims for simplicity, elegance, and wearability. Unlike other collections, A.W.A.K.E veered away from elaborate and intricate clothing details. In the 2019 Autumn Winter Collection, some of the designs are bare and simple but with a quality of sheer elegance. 

Intricate Grace

Mary Katrantzou is a well-accomplished designer with a remarkable educational background. She got her BA Textile Design degree from Rhode Island School of Design. She then pursued her Master’s Degree in Fashion in London at Central Saint Martins. 

Mary Katrantzou established her name in the industry as the Queen of Prints. Her lines would always show eye-catching designs and elaborate details. A favorite from her 2019 collection is this look:

The fabric is an explosion of colors, and the ruffles all over the dress create a floral illusion that covers the body. Innovation and creativity are evident in the lines it develops. Therefore, the Mary Katrantzou brand garnered multiple prestigious awards such as the Young Designer of the Year and British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent.

Highland Heritage

The Pringle of Scotland is one of the oldest luxury clothing brands established more than 200 years ago. Pringle of Scotland was primarily a manufacturer of knitted hosiery when Robert Pringle founded it in 1815.

As the brand expanded into the high-fashion industry, it kept its foundation to its knitwear signature. Pringle of Scotland introduced to the world intarsia design – a method adopted to make the argyle pattern. This design has been a fashion staple, especially in cashmere and winter outfits.

This look from the 2019 collection exhibits one of the knitting techniques pioneered by the brand as shown in the contrasting diamond pattern of the sweater.

The Pringle is very famous for the use of cashmere. According to Edith Wharton, the brand offers the finest and softest cashmere.  The Pringle of Scotland received countless awards including the Royal Warrant awarded by the Queen in 1956.  Thus, the brand is luxury at its finest. This look may look bare and straightforward, but up close, someone with an eye for fabric will determine its high-value and lavishness.

The brand never ceased to showcase its Scottish descent, featuring the new tartan fabric in this look with a high-waist jumper. This sporty knitwear descended from the brand’s golf course pairings trend in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Pringle has also expanded its line to other sportswear. This look is a chevron inspired ski-wear. 

Fun and Playful 

Shrimp is a British brand founded by a young designer named Hannah Weiland. This 2019 will be the clothing brand’s 6th anniversary. Weiland takes pride in her non-cruelty on animals by using faux pas fur in some of her coat collections.

Furthermore, Weiland’s designs take inspiration in bright and playful colors and patterns with hints of retro. The look is a favorite from her 2019 collection. Polka dot yellow top with pastel tights.

Sequin Sparkle

Ashish is an Indian inspired high-end clothing brand founded by Ashish Gupta whereas the signature Ashish design is the sequin details in the collection. Such as in the 2019 collection’s favorite, the outfit is covered with sequins and are patterned to show abstract floral figures.

Gupta was always fascinated by sequins in the fabric. Some would say that using sequins is cheap. Gupta, however, would consider these as an art form no matter the cost. 

Sequins in fashion date back in ancient Egypt. When archaeologists found King Tut’s tomb, they unearthed discovered garments that were with gold disk-like embellishments. Historians believe that these are part of the ancient Egyptians beliefs in life after death. Precious belongings and possessions and treasures of royalty are buried with them to ensure abundance in the next life.

During the Victorian era, sequins became a decorative staple for the upper class. However, these are very high maintenance because sequins are made up of gelatin so it can melt if it gets too hot.  Fortunately, Herbert Liberman and Eastman Kodak invented acetate film that is now the base material for sequins which made it cheaper and more practical. 

Floral Elegance

ERDEM is a clothing brand that was established in 2005 by designer Erdem Moralioglu. He is the brilliant mind that is behind the nature-inspired line that graced runway during the London Fashion Week. As seen in this outfit, he embellished a green trench coat with black crystals that form floral details.

Floral motifs throughout history took its influence from Eastern textiles such as the Japanese Kimono and Chinese Embroidery. India also has elaborate and intricate floral textiles and traded them with the Europeans in the 14th century.  

Nowadays, the use of floral textiles has been a trend in both commercial and couture, making innovations in representing floral figures such as embellishing fabrics with crystals and other ornamental details.

Modern Royalty

The look featured is designed by Emilia Wickstead. The outfit shows hints of 17th-century styles. Wickstead aims in her collections to combine classical and contemporary.

However, with her ready-to-wear platform, this dress has taken a step further. A fuschia off-shoulder ball-gown is not for a usual day’s work. It, instead, should be a dress flaunted in the red carpet.

Twisted Femininity

Christopher Kane once again showcased his talents for a creative way of expressing fashion. In this line for the London Fashion Week, Kane explored fluidity and fetishism in the 2019 collection.

The line consists of various pieces that represent sexuality as in this sexy see-through crystal mesh lace dress with a looney clutch. The 2019 collection is described to be a collection filled with fetishes that portray the “Joys of Sex.”

Kane always had a reputation for bringing an element of peculiarity in his shows. Many of the pieces featured patches of liquid gelatin surrounded by crystals, as seen here in the second look. The photo was backstage where the fluid patch is worn like a broach over a plain and simple black dress.

According to the designer, the liquid represents fluidity in artistry. Pieces and accessories also include blood bags and urine vials which are quite weird. But, Kane lived up to his reputation of being different and fearless. Although the collection veered away from the traditional, he has garnered positive reviews from the critiques.

Classic Demure

Victoria Beckham is probably the most famous designer in London Fashion Week. A former member of the powerhouse girl group, Spice Girls, Victoria has found success in the fashion industry after her singing career. To top it all, she is married to football celebrity David Beckham and now has four beautiful children who are all in the front row of her 2019 fashion show.

Her collections mixed the contemporary fashion trends to the ’70s. In this first look, it is a long sleeve loose turtleneck partnered with checkered straight cut trousers. At first, the outfit looks very plain and ordinary especially with the simple pattern of the top; however, the clutch bag added vibrancy to the look and brought it more life.

The second look boasted a silhouette of grey and black in this turtle-neck ankle dress. The pattern and the mix of colors work perfectly on how the piece hugs the model’s body. The outfit looks quite futuristic because it seems a bit like a high fashion space suit.

The third look is simple yet elegant. It is an autumn outfit with a beige undertone. It featured a big chain print on the white midi dress, which can be the centerpiece of the entire outfit.

The favorite look from her 2019 collection would be this outfit. A plaid coat with a matching knee-high skirt. The real show stopper, however, is the neon boots. Like a lot of designers, she likes to match and mismatch a bit to further spice up the outfit. 

Dressing for Power

Roksanda is a clothing brand that is very popular among famous personalities. From Michelle Obama to the Duchess of Cambridge the company establishes its place in the fashion industry by distinct clients. 

The signature look of the brand’s collection is a mix of discrete and sensual. The designer tells Telegraph that her vision is for women to look chic, sleek and sensual without showing too much skin, which is why Rokswanda is renowned as the dresser of first ladies. Some of her prominent clients include Melania Trump, Kate Middleton, and Samantha Cameron. 

Here are Roksanda’s top looks from the 2019 collection:

This long gown is sporty and dynamic. It has a playful element with the flowy ruffling form together with beige streaks that run from the shoulders.

Look number two comprise of an oversized tunic-top in autumn hues paired with matching loose trousers and a silk scarf. The outfit looks comfortable and perfect for a walk in the park during the fall.

Look number three is again a high fashion comfort outfit. The puffy pink top gives more of a spring vibe. According to the brand, the collections do not just focus on protective and conservative clothing. They also acknowledge other women’s needs to hide some insecurities regarding their bodies.

Fashion Celebrated

The five-day fashion event is indeed a hub for the famous, elite and the crazy wealthy enthusiasts who will probably get their fitting for the couture pieces right away. But, more than that, fashion week is a celebration of art, designers, photographers, seamstresses, models, and everyone who has an interest and a passion for clothing. 

So, with these designer pieces mentioned, what can you see yourself to be passing on to your kids?