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It seems that almost weekly, a new celeb-designer collab is announced, released and, before we know it, sold out. It’s also safe to say that 2019, in particular, has seen some of the best collections to date and we’re loving what they have to offer.

Well, it gets even better:

We have trawled the net to bring you the most celebrated so far!

If you weren’t already in a fashion frenzy with the start of a new season, you’re certainly about to be…

Reebok X Victoria Beckham


If you haven’t already hit the love button on every item from this collection as we have, you can do so now by clicking here, we’ll wait…

Not only are these pieces made from the highest quality materials ensuring your workout is a totally comfortable one, they’re also incredibly chic. Not that we’d expect anything less from the great VB!

You might be wondering…

“What exactly is included in the line?”

Now, this coveted collab doesn’t just offer leggings, sports bras and hoodies as we’d expect from other limited collections, oh no. Thanks to Reebok and Victoria Beckham, you can indulge your obsession for all things sport-luxe with all of those pieces as well as socks, gloves, beanies, backpacks and whole host other gorgeous items just screaming to be flaunted at the gym.

Also, if you’re a long term fan of Mrs Beckham but would normally find her coveted designs a little out of your price range, this is the perfect chance to get your hands on a number of her more affordable pieces whilst embracing a much-loved trend.

Tommy X Zendaya


When we heard Zendaya would be collaborating with Tommy for a fall fashion line, we were, let’s just say, beyond excited. Not only does Zendaya kill it on the red carpet time after time but her street style has become an inspiration to us all. Her smooth 70’s style aesthetic with a hint of contemporary edginess is, in a word, flawless!

If you can believe it, it gets better…

“How is that possible?” we hear you ask.

Well, if you weren’t one of the lucky few sitting front and centre at the Tommy X Zendaya runway, you can experience it for yourself with a 360 tour of the show by clicking right here. Yes, you can now enjoy watching each and every mind-blowing look strutting down the runway from the comfort of your sofa. We’re just not sure it gets better than that!

As you’ll see from the collection itself, it perfectly captures a beloved 70’s aesthetic. This is seamlessly combined with a contemporary monochrome palette, pops of vintage wine and some highly sought after prints. These range from classic polka dots and houndstooth checks to the capsules designer monogram and Zodiac prints. This is, without a doubt, the fresh new take on power dressing we’ve all been waiting for!

Stella X Taylor Swift


We thought the anticipation leading up to the release of Taylor’s newest album, Lover was enough to enthrall us this past summer. Then we received the news she would be collaborating with the insanely talented Stella McCartney on a capsule clothing collection inspired by the music. As you can imagine, we immediately began fantasizing of ice-cream pastel hues and rainbow prints and hoping the clothing launch would swiftly (sorry) follow the album drop.

Want to know the best part?

We were not disappointed!

The line was released the very same day as the album at a gorgeous pop-up store in New York. The clothes were absolutely beautiful and everything we’d hoped for in terms of perfectly capturing Taylor’s unique and newly iconic style. Additionally, every piece was thoughtfully created in line with Stella McCartney’s continuing commitment to cruelty-free, sustainable fashion. 

The limited line was abundant in graphic and lyric style tees, along with sweaters, hoodies and even a bag or two. The overall concept was a joy-filled culmination of new music, heart prints and tie-dye, and sweetly colored organic cotton.

For those across the globe that were unable to make the celebratory launch and personally obtain these coveted pieces for their very own, it’s still possible to gaze upon their beauty on the dreamy Lookbook featured on Taylor’s site.

SG X Puma


Following the huge success of her first collaboration with Puma last year, Selena Gomez treated us all to a second helping. A brand new spring/summer collection with the celebrated brand for 2019. We adored the first capsule collection of course but we have to say, this second offering is even more intriguing.

Want to know why?

It’s Selena’s personal touch!

Not only do the pieces from this line seamlessly incorporate Selena’s incredible personal style, but they’re also inspired by a host of places, colors and even tattoos that are close to her heart. Namely, her home town of Grand Prairie, Texas. The co-ordinates for the town are featured as are other important places to Selena including, New York and Los Angeles. Our favourite piece, however, has to be the one nine four eight/ one nine nine two sweatshirt. This piece subtly displays the years Selena was born and the year Puma was founded for a perfectly chic yet sporty finish.

Who will love this line?

All the ladies out there who, like us, have a love of all things sleek and simple when it comes to casual wear will adore these new pieces. And yes, they’re perfect for killing it at the gym but are so comfortable and stylish we’ll be rocking them through the weekend too!

Ksubi X Kendall Jenner


You may know Australian fashion label, Kasubi, for their desirable denim pieces. Perhaps you’ve even spotted their designs on the gorgeous Kendall Jenner as she wows us all with another seemingly effortless street style look. Or, maybe, this is your first introduction to the label, in which case, what an introduction it will be! We say this as not only does style icon Kendall adore their clothes in her personal wardrobe, she’s now the face and co-designer for their newly released and limited collection named, Sign Of The Times.

Needless to say, we’re obsessed! Not only does this versatile collection champion all of the trendiest and most effortless styles from the late ’90s and 2000s, but it’s also made up pieces that go with everything already in our wardrobes.

Besides the gorgeous grey hoodie which we love for our laid back weekend plans, every piece can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Want to know our stand out piece?

Without a doubt, we have to recommend the Kendall Jenner Racy Crop Top. This open back top with exposed metal zipper is brimming with 90’s flair yet injects a little 2019 with a flattering square neckline. We’re already planning at least 10 outfits centred around this must-have piece!

Balmain X Cara Delevingne


It’s pretty much a guarantee that anything Cara Delevingne touches will exude individuality and unparalleled chic. Pair that instinct for fearless fashion with the likes of Balmain and we’re in style heaven!


This is, to put it mildly, a limited collection, so we’re not about to bombard you with a thousand different bags to choose from. Instead, Cara and Balmain offer just three bags in their collaboration but, trust us, it’s enough. So, as we’re able to list each design in detail, we’ll take the opportunity here…

Romeo quilted leather bag

As pictured above with Cara herself, this is a beautiful, round bucket style bag with a gold metal handle and gold studded finishes. It’s made from the highest quality black quilted lambskin and embossed with the coveted Balmain ‘B’ logo. Finally, it offers a gold zip fastening and an optional leather strap which attaches to gold snap fasteners on either side of this luxurious bag.

Quilted leather B-bag 21 Bag

The second black and gold offering from the pair is more traditional in its box shape offering classic square edges and a round, embossed ‘B’ flap. This bag offers a chic single metal chain and leather strap.

Twist-quilted leather bag

Finally, we have the beautiful twist quilted leather bag. This circular design makes for a fluid and somewhat playful aesthetic whilst still incorporating the statement ‘B’ logo and recognizable gold finishes. Opt for a handheld look with the discreet leather handle or wear it on the shoulder or across the body with the optional leather shoulder strap.

We’ll all have to resist the temptation to purchase the entire collection but, looking over these eternally-chic designs again, we really don’t like our chances.

Winnie Harlow X Steve Madden


Winnie’s collab with Steve Madden marks her first venture into the design world and we must say, we wish she had done this sooner! From sexy strappy sandals to over the knee boots in fierce animal prints, this newly launched shoe line is certainly making a statement! Much like Selena Gomez, Winnie took the opportunity not only to make a collection that she felt was wearable and speaks to a wide variety of women but also to keep the collection close to her heart. When it came to naming each of the designs she was sure to include those most important to her.

Here’s where we get emotional:

Winnie named two of her most prominent designs after her younger sister, Tina and her mother, Lisa. Pass us the tissues! (And then pass our credit card because these shoes must belong to us and pronto!)

Each of the creations on offer was inspired by Winnie, her journey to become the huge success story that she is today and the people that helped her to get there. You can read the specific ideas behind each design as you shop the collection. It’s a fierce fashion statement yes, but it’s also a homage to hard work and determination and if this is the outcome, we can confidently say it was more than worth it!

H&M X Ariana Grande 


For long term Ariana fans, this collaboration with H&M is an absolute dream come true! From t-shirts quoting song lyrics to photographic images of the queen of pop herself, this line has everything you’ll ever need to cement your unending fandom.

This wildly popular fashion release was designed to coincide with and celebrate Ariana’s highly anticipated tour for her most recent album, Sweetener released in August of this year. Now a two-time Grammy award-winning record, we think it more than deserves its own clothing line! The capsule contains over thirty pieces and, though we don’t recommend you replace your entire wardrobe for every piece, we will say there are a great variety of options to be had!

We’re pretty smitten with the pink tie dye ‘thank u, next’ tee and just can’t say no to the light purple ’7 Rings’ sweater (also available in white). It may not be ‘designer’ exactly, but it loads of fun and very reasonably priced? Absolutely!

Still to come in 2019…

Beyonce X Adidas


Back in April, Beyonce herself announced that a deal had been struck between her activewear brand, Ivy Park and leading sports brand, Adidas. In spectacular fashion, Queen B uploaded a striking Instagram image of herself posed in a one of a kind, red Adidas bodysuit posing with a particularly huge collection of the brands’ trainers paired neatly on the floor beneath her. This was soon accompanied by a video announcing the collab and months later, we’re still hoping for the intended release before the year is out! We’re keeping everything crossed that we’ll all be given a sneak peek soon but know it’ll be worth the wait.

We’re guaranteeing it will be a huge success and, all being well, can only imagine how chic we’re going to look in the treadmill come December!

So, there you have it. Our round-up of celeb- designer collaborations for 2019. What did you think? Are there any you’d add or did you discover some you didn’t even know existed and are intently shopping them now?! Whichever is your favorite, we hope you get your hands on the pieces you adore and have a fun and fashionable fall 2019!