Man proposing to girlfriend in room, with heart-shaped balloons

Wedding proposals often rock the nerve out of people’s minds because it carries a rollercoaster of feelings. You will feel excited for embarking on the next chapter of your life, but you will feel scared too.

Don’t fret! There are a thousand wedding proposal ideas to choose from and here are 12 which can help you with your biggest question yet.

The Classic Dinner

Foodies or not, you can pick a restaurant and choose either the one wherein your first met, or the one wherein you commonly dine, or another one which both of you have not eaten yet before but you have always wished to try out their dishes. Pick a restaurant with a particular significance. But if you ought to pull it off as a surprise, be careful for your partner not to have a hint because you regard the restaurant as too special.

You can opt to do this with just the two of you, or you can also invite your family and friends to witness the event. You may postpone the actual proposal until dessert, so you already set a good mood with your partner. At your appointed time, let your favorite music play in the background, your family and friends cheer with you, bring out the ring, and pop the question.


If you are a couple who loves water adventures, this would be great for you to try. Both of you can dive your way down the water and at the perfect time; bring out the ring and a sign which says “Will you marry me?”

How exciting will it be to have your favorite fish species witness the moment when you seal the deal with your partner and finally take your relationship to the next level.

Just a note, it would be better to have a couple of friends down below too so they can document everything. It is just so beautiful, unique, and out of this world to have a proposal underwater; but if this is your couple kind of adventure, then why don’t you give it a try?

After a Fun Run

If you are not into concerts but are fitness and running enthusiasts, you can choose to do the proposal in a fun run. There are a lot of other couples who have done this too. The exciting part is that fun runs have their creative concepts, so you can choose to have your proposal at a color fun run or at a glowing lights fun run – whatever fits more with your character as a couple.

Once you have finished the race and you go up the stage for your medal and prize, you may take the moment to talk to your partner. Just remember, though, to coordinate with the organizers of the fun run, so they fit your speech well into their schedule.

At that moment, you can address your partner and thank him/her for the past years you have been together, and you can pop the question right there.

By The Beach

Now if you love the water, but do not necessarily know how to swim, even more dive, you can easily propose by the beach. Especially if you are a couple who loves the beach, then this is probably the best place to do the proposal.

You can do it with only the two of you. Have a beautiful picnic by the beach where you just eat, dance, and sing your heart out. Then you wait for the sunset and finally pop the question to your partner.

On the other hand, you can also do it with a group of friends. You can have a nice get-together by the beach with some slow dancing to good music.

Then at the perfect time, get down on your knees and ask the question.

You can do it like a prom proposal where your friends line up, turn around, then on their backs are each letter of the phrase “Will you marry me?”

Up in the Air

Aside from the waters, you can also propose up in the air. You can go and catch the hot air balloon flying and invite your partner there. Once you are up above and you have made the specific introductions that will lead you to the proposal, go and ask the question.

Another way is once you are up above, you can have a group of friends down below that would spread out a huge poster with the words “Will you marry me?”

Aside from the hot air balloon, you can also try out your aerial wedding proposal at a plane, inside a helicopter, or just at the highest part of the Ferris wheel. You can even write the letters “Will you marry me?” through the clouds. Just go for whatever you like as a couple.

At Work

This is probably the most unexpected of all places to propose. Your partner is probably dressed for his/her normal day at work and busy with all the business as usual tasks. You can coordinate with your partner’s officemates to help you enter the building and surprise your partner at work. Perhaps it is best to have the proposal right before lunch or right before going back to work, so you do not intervene with the office hours.

Similarly, you can have it done right after office hours. When all the work for the day has been settled, you can surprise your partner on his/her desk with all the balloons, flowers, or whatever you think would be pleasing to complete the gesture, and pop the question right there.

You can even dress up as one of them – probably a fellow firefighter, a chef, or a doctor. This is possibly the best ending to a stressful day.

Up in the Mountains

Now if you are the type of couple who loves to go on a hike in the mountains, then maybe the best place to do the proposal is at the summit. Invite your partner to hike in a mountain you have not tried yet before or your favorite hiking spot – whichever you prefer.

You can already put hints during the trail by seemingly taking a trip down to memory lane. You can remind your partner of the first time you met, then the second time, that moment when you realized you were in love with each other, your first anniversary, that first fight, that first kiss, your last trip together and everything else in between. It prepares your partner that you will be continuing your story up in the summit when you finally decide to tie the knot together.

The Getaway

Now if you are not divers or hikers, but just travel buddies, you can do your wedding proposal at a specific travel destination. It may be domestic or abroad, somewhere you have been to before, somewhere you have never been to, somewhere you both wish to go to, or somewhere you have been for the first time.

Surprise your partner with the travel ticket, set the date, and plan your trip accordingly. If you want to pull it off as a surprise again, do not get too specific in the details of what you will do and where you will go.

Then at that perfect spot in the place you have chosen – may it be the Sakura trees in Japan or the Eiffel Tower in Paris – pop the question to your partner as you both enjoy the beauty of the place that you are in with that beautiful moment for you to share.

During a Concert

If you two are big fans of a particular band or solo artist, you can choose to do the proposal in a concert. If it is some gig or small concert, you can take the chance during the open mic session.

You can go up the stage and sing for your partner, followed by a few lines of appreciation honoring him/her, and then you can ask the big question. It would definitely leave the crowd cheering in happiness for both of you.

If it is some big concert, though, of a world-renowned artist, it is perhaps rather difficult to have the stage and mic for yourself. But fret not, you can still propose here just between you and your partner.

At the moment the artist sings your favorite song, grab the opportunity to ask the question. It would die down all the external noise and point the attention of your partner to the question of a lifetime. You can also choose to do it right after the concert, but still at the concert grounds.

At a Museum

If you are history geeks, you can do the wedding proposal at your favorite museum or at a historical spot which both of you find really interesting and memorable. This would give your wedding proposal that rustic and laid back theme, making it feel warm and sincere.

Go for a casual walk through the museum or historical place, then at your chosen spot (probably your favorite or the landmark spot), that is when you pop the question. Have your friends in the area too for documentation of the proposal.

Just a side note, though, you may have to secure specific permits first before executing your wedding proposal. Some museums or historical sites do not allow pictures of the place to be taken or discourage certain commotions to happen. So you have to make sure you indeed got the place for yourself to avoid inconvenience.

In Your Room

Nothing beats the intimacy and sincerity of popping the question with just the two of you in a room. There are a lot of ways to do this. For one, you can do it in the morning. Wake your partner up to a delicious breakfast in bed, then after that, you can pop the big question right at the moment when your partner is all too raw and simple, without any makeup whatsoever, and you loved him/her precisely for that.

Also, you can do it as a surprise somewhere within the day or at night. When your partner comes into the room, he/she will be surprised to see it decorated with flowers, balloons, etc. and probably with letters on the wall or in the bed saying “Will you marry me?”

A pathway of flower petals or ceiling of balloons with your couple pictures could also do the trick. Combine all these with good music, probably your favorite song or a song from your favorite band. All these homey feelings will leave your partners speechless and overwhelmed by the love.

Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race

Still, for the adventurous type of couples, you can have the wedding proposal planned out as a scavenger hunt or amazing race. First, you need to find a good place, probably a garden or a part of the woods that is clear and well-maintained. Make sure you coordinate with the caretakers as you do your make-shift amazing race or hunt.

A friend can bring your partner blindfolded into an area wherein your stations are all ready. Once the blindfold is removed, your partner would be given a clue that would lead him/her somewhere. The stations should be reminders of the stages of your love.

Similar to a trip down memory lane, the clues and the activities in the station should remind your partner of the things that you have been through together for the past year. Then at the last station, that is where he/she will find you, down on your knees, asking the big question “Will you marry me?”

There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to proposing to your partner. It is all a matter of your interests as a couple. You, out of all people, would know best about what will make your partner happy. The important things, in the end, are the love that you are willing to give and the sincerity to be with your partner for the rest of your life.